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January 5, 2012

Vinson summit reached!

Mark Ryman called in from the summit to report that the team reached the summit at 6:45 P.M. local time.

Standing next to Mark on the summit was Romi, who hours ago became the first Filipino to climb the Seven Summits- a huge congrats to Romi! Nearby stood Omar, who completed his sixth summit and will complete his journey this spring on Denali and in doing so will become the first Egyptian climber to reach the Seven! Alongside was Rick, who after some challenging days early on rallied to reach the summit with the team. And Scott and Jay came in strong as they all reached the summit.

Conditions were good throughout the day, with cold (-26 C), but reasonable temps and mild to moderate winds. Overall a perfect day and a good strategy played out as a weather system is moving in on Friday that would have likely delayed efforts to reach the summit had they been one day behind the schedule they have maintained.

Great effort by all and a huge congrats. We're also glad to report that Levi has arrived safely back in Punta Arenas after leaving the trip early. Jacob and Levi arrived back in base camp and today Levi flew off the continent and back to the relative warmth of Punta Arenas. With a respiratory infection at high camp it just was not in the cards for Levi, but he made a great effort to stay with the team as much as he could.

Tomorrow the rest of the team will be back in base camp with Jacob for a celebration and a much needed rest. Congrats again!




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