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January 4, 2012

Vinson High camp

Mark called in this morning to report the team is at high camp resting and in high spirits for a summit attempt on Thursday.

They had a long day getting to camp yesterday, but they all did a great job and are working well as a team. They spilt up in to separate rope teams with Jacob out in front, who arrived at high camp first and made claim to the best site there. With only one other small team up there for now they will enjoy some peace and quiet before other teams move up the mountain.

Mark reported that it is sunny and calm and the great weather continues to hold, although last night they experienced some high winds. With temperatures forecasted to be minus 23-28 degree Celsius and moderate winds up to 10-15 knots, things are looking good for a summit attempt. The biggest concern will be winds, which drops temps significantly with the wind chill and increases the risk of frostbite. But, for now the forecast is very promising!

Scott says hi to Katy and family and is enjoying high camp and wants them to know all is well.

Rick says hi to Amy and Courtney and wants them to know he is having a great time and looks forward to talking soon hopefully with news of success, and hopes they are well.

Jay is happy chilling at high camp with the team as they prepare for the summit and sends best wishes to all.

Omar wants all to know that the weather gods are smiling on them and is hopeful it holds for the summit attempt and also is missing a warm toilet and home cooked food.

Romi wants to report that he is still alive and kicking, hoping for good weather window for the summit climb and is praying for luck- maduhay!

Mark says hi to Lauren and Estelle and misses them and wishes them well, but is pyched about the climb tomorrow and ready to go!

Stay tuned!

Photos below from previous MM expedition:

Moving up to high camp.


Taking in some views from high camp.


Moving in to camp.


 High camp with Shinn in the background.

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