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Payment Schedule


Domestic Trips:

  • At time of reservation - $300, which includes $75 non-refundable registration fee.
    Trips under $500 will be charged in full 

  • 60 days from departure - Balance of trip cost 


International Trips:

  • At time of reservation - $700 (unless otherwise noted), which includes $75 non-refundable registration fee

  • 90 days from departure - Balance of trip cost

  • Non-refundable fees may apply for certain trips in order to secure permits and other services; notably Inca Trail and Himalayan peak permits, and Vinson airfare.



  • At time of reservation - $10,000, which includes $750 non-refundable registration fee

  • 180 days from departure - $20,000

  • 120 days from departure - Balance of trip cost

Denali and Mount Logan:

  • At time of reservation - $1,500, which includes $750 non-refundable registration fee

  • 120 days from departure - Balance of trip cost


Late Sign-up & Additional Expenses:
Sign-ups within 30 days for domestic trip departures, 90 days for international departures, and 120 days for Everest require full payment at time of sign-up. Should you incur last minute charges for services (e.g. rental equipment, extra hotel nights), your credit card will be automatically charged.


Check, Wire Transfer, and Credit Card are accepted forms of payment. Wire transfers are subject to a $35 wire fee; credit card payments of $1000 or greater are subject to a 3% convenience fee.


Date Change Fee Policy:

  • All date changes must be received in writing along with a new application- changes however may not be possible.

  • $100 domestic fee / $200 international fee per date change.

  • Any change from trip departure can be extremely difficult and is subject to all incurred expenses as assessed by MMI. Change is made at MMI’s discretion.

  • All date changes are for credit only (no refunds) and valid for one year from written change notification and receipt of new application.

  • Change for international trips and Denali must be made more than 90 days prior to trip departure; more than 45 days for domestic trips.



If you decide to cancel your trip or change your itinerary, MMI must be notified in writing. Your trip will be cancelled from the date written notice is received. You will be assessed a fee according to the following schedule. If proper written cancellation notice is not received, amounts paid and reservations made will be forfeited. In addition, due to the non-refundable nature of government permits, hotel deposits, etc., MMI must strictly adhere to policies outside MMI’s control. We strongly encourage participants to obtain Trip Insurance to defray costs incurred for unexpected cancellations.

International Trips:

  • 120 days or more from Trip Departure: $75 fee

  • 119 to 91 days from Trip Departure: $700 fee

  • 90 days or fewer from Trip Departure: 100% of Trip Cost


Denali and Logan: Follow cancellation guidelines for international trips.



  • 181 days or more: $750 registration fee

  • 180 to 121 days from Trip Departure: $10,000 fee

  • 120 days or less from Trip Departure: non-refundable


Domestic Trips:

  • More than 60 days from Trip Departure: $75 fee

  • 60 days or less from Trip Departure: 100% of Trip Cost


You will be liable for any costs associated with the collection and/or retention of any payments and fees set forth herein, including, but not limited to, legal costs, attorneys' fees, court costs and collection agency fees. The laws of the State of Washington will govern this Agreement and you consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts sitting in Seattle, Washington.



MMI is not responsible for expenses (e.g. nonrefundable airline tickets, visa fees, equipment, etc.) incurred by trip members in preparing for cancelled trip, regardless of cancellation reason, or for any additional expenses should the trip members have embarked or returned prior to or after any scheduled date. MMI is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to any deviation from the schedule undertaken by choice of trip participant. Additional unscheduled services not included in trip cost will be charged to participant’s credit card. MMI alone reserves the right to cancel (in accordance with the above terms), or postpone any trip due to acts of man (e.g. war, terrorism, etc.), or forces of nature beyond MMI’s control. Trips may be subject to cancellation due to a required minimum number of participants not booking- the opportunity to pay a small group surcharge will be made possible before the trip is cancelled. Prices are subject to change as a result of forces outside of MMI's control and include, but are not limited to, park fee increases, airline surcharges, and so forth. 

Early Departures: No refunds will be given for participants leaving a trip by personal choice, or by direction of the guide. Unscheduled services such as transportation, meals, hotels, etc., are the responsibility of the participant.

Route Changes: It is possible that a route change due to forces of nature may become necessary on the trip. Route changes will always be at the discretion of the guide. No refunds will be available in the event of any route or itinerary change. Postponement or Delay: Delays and postponements in transportation sometimes occur. MMI cannot be responsible for these at any time. Every effort will be made to minimize any inconvenience, but MMI is not responsible for any additional costs that may arise.

Responsibility: Trip members are responsible for the cost of evacuations. Trip insurance, which includes emergency evacuation coverage, is strongly recommended.

MMI will take every care with client’s baggage and property but is not liable for loss, damage, theft or delayed delivery. MMI acts as an agent for the transport, accommodations, and services of the company supplying this trip. MMI may not be held liable for non-performance of any such supplier.

If the client is not able or willing to assume the above-mentioned risks, the client should purchase trip insurance.

Consent to Treatment: I hereby consent to any hospital care or medical or surgical diagnosis or first aid activities with Mountain Madness and its agents, if I am not able at that time to give my written consent due to unconsciousness, disorientation or other mental incapacity.  I also understand and agree that I am solely responsible for all appropriate charges for such services and that Mountain Madness and its agents are under no duty to provide any first aid or medical treatment in any event.

Consent to Treatment (Minors): I authorize Mountain Madness personnel to call for medical care for the minor or to transport the minor to a medical facility or hospital if, in the opinion of such personnel, the minor needs medical attention. I further authorize appropriate personnel to render such medical treatment as is necessary for the health of the minor, in their professional opinion. I agree that once the minor is in the care of medical personnel or a medical facility, Mountain Madness shall have no further responsibility for the minor and I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and transportation.

Trip Cancellation: MMI reserves the right to cancel any trip due to insufficient sign ups, in which case, MMI will provide a full refund.


I have read the terms, policies, and conditions of Mountain Madness, Inc and in submitting this application online, I understand and accept them and acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate and for all members of my family, including minor children. I also certify that the above information I have provided is accurate.