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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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February 15, 2017

"Amazing Experience" in the Alps

Had enough of the winter? Check out the Mont Blanc blog post below from Michelle Valerio, a longtime friend and traveler with Mountain Madness who joined us last August with MM guide Alan Rousseau. Let her experience inspire you to join us this summer in stunning Chamonix and summit an iconic European peak. 

The Mont Blanc trip was another fantastic trip. Alan and I did not reach the summit, which was a little disappointing. For me it was quite a challenging route, but still a great experience.  We trekked the Trois Mount route which is a great option going from the Aguille de Midi cable car. The scenery was amazing!

Enjoying the scenery

Glacier climbing

Alan was brilliant and I was able to improve belayed glacier climbing with his guidance. He has solid technical guiding skills and is one of the best teachers. If I go back, I would love to climb with him again. The other member of the team, Kim, was a super fit young man so Alan had two opposites to work with! The difficulty for me (and it must be age) is speed. However, I want to keep pushing myself, I am now 55 and live to get on crampons in the snow! The Alps were stunning, but the temperature was very high which provided an interesting element of nature to work with. Overall amazing experience!    

Climbing in crampons with Alan

Looking down the route

~ Words and photos by MM Client Michelle Valerio