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June 26, 2015

Nepal Update

As the country of Nepal continues to make a slow recovery, Mountain Madness is still actively working to allocate the money all of you have generously donated through our GoFundMe account. For those of you who have travelled with us to Nepal, you have likely met Dawa Sherpa, our lead Sherpa. And for those who were on the trek with us during the earthquake, they continued to experience his kind heart and generosity as he and his family welcomed them to a meal outside their destroyed home. 

Dawa Sherpa. Kayla Fenske photo

After the second earthquake on May 12, a lot more damage came to the hill towns in the Khumbu Valley. Unfortuantely, the monsoon season is upon them, making it difficult to begin repairs. Dawa wrote to us recently to give us an update on the damage and act as a spokesman for the villages. Our main concern is that the money get sent to the right people/places, and Dawa is just the person to determine that. 

Locals near a makeshift refugee camp. Stewart Wolfe photo

At the moment, the biggest concern is the damaged stupa in Dawa's village of Chaurikarka. For the people of the Khumbu valley, Stupas are a very important symbol for worship, and if this stupa were to crumble to the ground, it would be considered extremely bad luck in the Buddhist culture. Dawa reports that people are understandably confused and concerned regarding the events of the past couple months, and repairing this Stupa would help give them some hope and strength for the long road they have ahead. We have allocated $850 of the GoFundMe account to help repair the Stupa.

Dawa with the damaged Stupa. Dawa Sherpa photo

During our November 1, 2015 Everest Base Camp Trek departure, we are planning to continue to help where we can. As the biggest concern during the relief effort is making sure that the money goes to the right places, we have a plan in place to make sure that happens. Trekkers on our November trip will have the opportunity to contribute to the relief effort by purchasing, with the help of our staff, needed supplies for the rebuilding of homes in our staff's villages. Our staff will oversee the purchase and delivery of supplies while the trekkers make their journey to base camp, and upon return to the lower villages, they will be able to see their contribution in action. 

Deana Zabaldo photo

If you have questions about our fund raising account, our fall and spring trips, or other ways that you can help Nepal get back on its feet, please give us a call at 800-328-5925