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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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March 18, 2014

MM Guide Ben Mality Takes You To the Roof of Africa

You can say it takes a village to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This is very true as you climb with Mountain Madness; with well trained guides, hard working porters, and professional cooks, it is possible to reach the roof of Africa.

Trip briefing at Itikoni special camp lounge (6,500ft.). Ben Mality photo

I (Ben Mality, Trip Leader) do a trip briefing before the climb. Everyone concentrates deeply and listens. It is very important to understand everything about the entire climb. 

Maio Waterfalls. Ben Mality photo

Maio Waterfalls is a famous place we visit to acclimatize on our second day at Itikoni camp. It is a very beautiful place that you do not want to miss.

Sundowner above Itikoni camp. Ben Mality photo

Behind us you see part of the ridge on Mount Meru; further behind the clouds where you cannot see is Kilimanjaro.

The rain has stopped and it is time to shed layers. Ben Mality photo

If you ask me, is it going to rain today? My answer is always YES! This held true and we had some rain in the forest on day one of the climb. 

Dome cave. Ben Mality photo

Just behind our Crater camp we have discovered a new small vent. There might be some temperature change within the area though you cannot feel it. The only way to tell is how the Glacier has melted and made this pretty dome cave. It is my favorite place; it's nice to camp in the crater and get a chance to see this. You never know how long it will last.

Separated section of Furtwangler Glacier. Ben Mality photo

This part of the Furtwangler Glacier in the Crater used to be part of the big glacier but now it is separated. Behind it is where the vent is located. It is sad to see how the glaciers are melting so quickly.


Kilimanjaro Summit. Ben Mality photo

This is the Top of Africa with Mountain Madness. 100% success!

Porters and guides singing after the climb at Mweka camp. Ben Mality video

After the hard work of climbing in freezing wind and rain, everyone deserves to relax, sing and drink. Moivaro is the best place for that.

Relaxing after the climb. Ben Mality photo

Jokes after the climb sound good at this location and I am good at that. Be careful and do not get drunk as you still need to drink more water. I say, "Save water, drink Beer!" and "If you can’t climb it, drink it." It is KILI TIME!

Those who do a safari with Mountain Madness have the best opportunity to see lots of animals with very experienced driver guides and trip leaders who are well trained with the longest experience.

~MM Guide Ben Mality