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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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January 17, 2012

Cotopaxi, Illiniza Norte and El Corazon

Another Ecuador trip is underway with more exciting objectives ahead of our climbers. Our Cotopaxi, Illiniza Norte and El Corazon trip is a great introduction to some beautiful Ecuador peaks. By taking only 5 days off work, our clients can summit 3 peaks in Ecuador, including an over 19,000 foot peak, and enjoy great food and haciendas. 

Joshua checked in with climbers John, Terry and Joe after their first acclimatization hike:

"Today we started the day at 8:30 a.m. in Quito (altitude 9,200 feet) and headed south of the city towards Guagua Pichincha (an alternative to El Corazon). The adventure started earlier than expected. Thanks to yesterday's rainstorm the road was covered in mud and while trying to reach the base of the mountain, our 4-wheel drive came in handy. We arrived at the Defensa Civil Hut and started the climb. We caught some foggy conditions, but luckily no precipitation and after 2 hours we reached the first peak of the program. We descended by a different route to expose the climbers to some different conditions and allow them to practice their mountain skill. Tonight we are enjoying a hearty dinner in La Estación lodge at the base of Corazon Peak. Tomorrow we are heading to Illiniza to position ourselves close to the north peak. The summit push will take place on Wednesday. We will send another update after that. Wish us luck!"

Joshua and the team on the acclimatization climb on Guagua Pichincha. Joshua Jarrin photo

Guagua Pichincha. Joshua Jarrin photo

Ecuador winter season is nearing its end but we have two more trips leaving in late January and February. The season will start up again in May for more Ecuador Glacier Mountaineering Courses, Ecuador Volcanoes and Cotopaxi, Illiniza Norte and El Corazon

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