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January 10, 2012

Honoring Christine Boskoff in Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton East High School, where Christine Feld-Boskoff graduated high school in Appleton, Wisconsin, is dedicating a newly installed, spectacular rock climbing wall to their proud alumnus. Since  her death in China in 2006, it has been the school's dream to give something to the community in remembrance of her.

Steve Walker, the Appleton East High School Health & Human Performance (HHP) teacher and AASD Adventure Education Program Manager writes, "our school district's HHP department received a grant and we added adventure education to our Health & Human Performance curriculum. We put up a central high ropes course (The A Summit), our 3 high schools each have a Low Ropes Course and indoor climbing walls, and our middle and elementary schools all received bouldering walls. "Chrissie's" quote was "Live Your Dreams." It is so true and finally coming together as we dedicate this wall to her."

The dedication will take place at the Appleton East High School in Wisconsin on January 12, 2012.

Mark Gunlogson, Mountain Madness current owner, writes in a  message to the school:

"It was with great sadness that in 2006 Mountain Madness lost its second owner. As with Scott Fischer, the company’s founder, Chris left a mark on all whom she touched; myself included. As her friend Jane Courage wrote, “When Chris died, she was as happy, confident and as balanced as she’d ever been. Her emotional maturation was mirrored in her climbing – she began to feel, on a deep level, a synergistic mind-body connection, and it inspired her to be the best person she could be in all areas of life.”

For many, her success as a female climber will stand out as an inspiration and serve as a role model - my two daughters included! But for others, the inspiration lies not directly in her success as a climber, but in her decision to follow her dreams, and when possible share them with others. Her company, Mountain Madness, provided just such a vehicle to do this, to provide climbers with life changing experiences. I will always feel honored to have worked alongside Chris and know that she would be overjoyed to see this rock wall put in place, a place that might well plant the seed of adventure in one of you!

But, it was not just about climbing. John Wood, founder and chief executive officer of Room to Read, an organization dedicated to increasing literacy throughout the world’s poorer regions said of Chris, “She was passionate about climbing and her love of the people and the cultures she traveled to, especially the children of Nepal. She was selfless in pursuit of our mission and passionate in her belief that children throughout the developing world should have access to great schools, teachers, libraries and books.”

As Jane noted, “There were many other things that drove Chris to climb and share a certain zest for life. However, moving through life with grace, gratitude, humor, and humility had become Chris’ greatest commitment. Chris was many things to many people, but if nothing else, Chris defined “Make it Happen”.” All of us here at Mountain Madness wish you the best with this rock wall and ask that you make Chris proud and start climbing!"

To read more about Chris's life, click here.

The climbing wall at Appleton East High School

To give you some perspective...

Chris on Mount Elbrus

Christine Boskoff