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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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April 6, 2009

Everest Base Camp Trekkers Winston Ho and Richard Kelliher Report From Dingboche!

Today, April 5th, we trekked from Tengboche to Dingboche at 14,500 ft. We crossed the tree line so no more forests, just low lying shrubs. And this town is the highest permanent village (in the world?). After this point there are only seasonally villages catering to climbers and trekkers. As usual, the scenery was super nice. It was the first day that we felt like we reached the mountains, as we are surrounded by snow covered peaks on all sides. The sky was clear and we had a nice breeze to keep us cool.

In the morning we visited a Buddhist nunnery where a nun has been in meditation for the past 40 years. And at such nunnery, we saw our first cat as well as a dog we named Scout.

Our lunch consisted of the standard fare, garlic soup, and pasta with tomato sauce, fried rice, and noodles. Richard, as usual, over-ordered. We also met an outgoing French Canadian professor who is making a documentary on Everest climbers. We may be interviewed by her further up!

Everyday you are here you come to appreciate something new about living in modern civilization. Today, it is ramen noodles. Dishes here in the Khumbu Valley are approximations of the original, some closer than others. We discovered Rarar and Wai Wai ramen noodles, the difference between them being about $0.30 and the Wai Wai is a bit tastier. These noodles are actually very close to what we have back home. Even the health nuts in our group could not resist the temptation.


Winston Ho


Everyone's excited by the first views of Everest!

Happy trekkers taking a break

Making way for yaks on the trail...beautiful view of Ama Dablam!


We awoke the morning of April 4th in Namche Bazaar after yesterday’s challenges of "warm" showers, in-room baths, and coconut macaroons at the bakery across from the Pizza Hut. Having had our deep tissue massages from Thubean, a Tibetan herbal Doctor, we were ready to head out for Tengboche. 

Our route followed the Dudha Kosi River up to a point where we saw our first magnificent view of Sagarmartha (Everest). We continued on through Rhododendrum and Birch forests to Kangoma. It was here that we met and made friends with "Henry" the Yak. We learned that if you want to make friends with a Yak it helps to have a bucket of potatoes that you're willing to "share". We also learned that Henry’s owner is an avid Obama supporter. 

From there it was uphill to Tengboche. Arriving at Tengboche there were two buildings that our group noticed immediately - the Tengboche Monastery and the Tengboche Bakery. Guess where we went first? At the bakery we enjoyed two types of chocolate cake along with chocolate brownies accompanied by hot chocolate and brewed coffee. We then attended a daily worship ceremony at the Monastery with the Buddhist monks. The chanting was very calming and for me at least sleep inducing (no I did not snore). 

Now it's just before supper and we are sitting around chatting, reading and discussing spiritual matters. Oh, our dessert orders include Snickers and Mars Pie.

We're looking forward to another challenging day on our way to Dingboche. 

Hope all our loved ones are doing well at home. We are all healthy and enjoying our magnificent trip. 

Warmest regards, 

Richard Kelliher