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Exceptional Instruction and Quality Service

Why go with Mountain Madness

More Than 30 Years of Mountain Experience

Since 1984 Mountain Madness has been combining the physical challenge of climbing and trekking with the cultural and aesthetic experiences of the wildest places on earth. We’ve taken the time to pioneer the most interesting and scenic routes, scout out the best campsites, and discover incredible things off the beaten track. We’ve also built strong relationships with overseas government agencies and local operators. These continued relationships have allowed us to build upon a standard of excellence and give our clients the consistency they deserve year after year.


Outstanding Client Care

From the first step to the summit and back, Mountain Madness is there to help you prepare for an incredible experience. At Mountain Madness, we go to great lengths to ensure every aspect of your trip is an enjoyable one.

Our in-office area specialists are preparing for your arrival long before your trip departs. You can be confident that all of the logistics, down to the smallest details, have been checked, double-checked and confirmed. Our area specialists pride themselves in knowing all of the regions we explore – take a look at their bios and you’ll see there is a good chance they have been to your destination of choice. You can contact them any time with questions about your itinerary, equipment and training. They can also recommend trip extensions and assist you with your travel plans.  


World Class Guides and Staff

Our guides are highly skilled professionals with an enthusiasm for climbing. Each has a passion for the mountains that makes it easy to form new friendships and create memorable experiences for everyone. Many of our guides also have academic backgrounds in fields such as environmental and outdoor education, social work and teaching that can enhance your adventure. All our guides and staff go beyond expectations to make your trip enjoyable.

Mountain Madness provides the most experienced and dedicated international guides, high altitude Sherpas, porters and staff. Our relationships with overseas operators are built on camaraderie and trust and we treasure our associations with these people. 


American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Accreditation

Mountain Madness is one of few companies with AMGA accreditation. The AMGA accreditation program was developed for guiding programs, schools and services to ensure the highest quality service available. Accreditation examines such things as operating guidelines, permits, insurance, employment and business practices, and guide training. Many of our guides hold full certification with the AMGA – the highest level of guide training available in the U.S. The end result is that accreditation provides a consistent and meaningful standard by which to judge the reliability and professionalism of a climbing service.


Competitive Pricing and Land Costs

Have you ever been on a trip where you were constantly asked to open your wallet?

We know that feeling, and we want to make sure you don’t experience it on Mountain Madness trips. When you travel with Mountain Madness, you start the trip with a solid idea of what your expenses will be. Our itineraries make it clear up front what costs are covered by your trip expenses and which, if any, will be your responsibility.

We’ve rolled more services into our trips in an effort to enhance your travel experience and eliminate unexpected costs. Mountain Madness land costs include all your hotel and camping expenses, staff and guide services, group gear, in-country airport transfers, and scheduled activities on your trip (museum visits, city tours, etc). Porter support is included on most of our adventures.

When you travel with us, we’ll take you to restaurants we’ve handpicked based on years of experience in the region. You can eat without worrying about your wallet: included restaurant meals are covered in your land costs.


Customized Itineraries to Meet Your Goals

Mountain Madness is more than happy to custom design a trip or course to meet your goals. If you have an extension to an existing trip in mind, would like to travel with a private group, or if your schedule requires specific dates that we presently do not offer, we will find a way to make it happen.


Commitment to Others

In addition to helping individuals reach their goals, we recognize the potential magnitude of our environmental and cultural impact. In practicing “Leave No Trace" travel and camping techniques, our aim is to help improve the standard of living in the areas we travel, be it with assistance in building a school, ensuring high ethical standards for porters, or involvement with environmental projects.



Mountain Madness would be more than happy to supply you with a list of references from clients who have participated in one or more of our adventures. Please contact us at 800-328-5925 for more information.