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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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March 16, 2016

$170,000+ Raised for Nepal School - Let the Rebuild Begin!

Katie Rose Fischer-Price, daughter of Mountain Madness founder Scott Fischer, writes in with an update on the success of the recent benefit featuring Ed Viesturs and Dawa Geljen Sherpa. Since the time of her writing, more contributions have arrived to rebuild and expand the Himalayan English Boarding School, bringing the total to $170,000 so far. It's not too late to donate! Visit to join the groundswell of support.  

Dawa Geljen Sherpa (l) and MM President Mark Gunlogson at the Himalayan English Boarding School last year. Mark Gunlogson photo


Still so full of shock and gratitude about this event. On March 2nd, Natalie Dupille and I hosted 300 people the Hilton Hotel to help support Dawa Geljen Sherpa and his mission to rebuild the Himalayan English Boarding School in Lukla, Nepal. The school will be named after my father, Scott Fischer and has given my family the ability to take ownership of his ever-evolving legacy.

Katie Rose Fischer-Price, Natalie Dupille, and Andy Fischer-Price (l to r) presenting to the group. Nil Tilija photo

It was a surreal experience standing in front of a room full of climbers, supporters, and all around awesome people. I got to listen Ed Viesturs tell stories about climbing with my dad, auction off some of my dad's old gear for a good cause and tell some of my own stories about traveling in Nepal. Governor Jay Inslee even came and gave us his blessing!! I was completely blown away by the support and the energy I felt that night. We ended up raising about $147,000 for the school. Can't believe it. THANK YOU to all who came, donated, and supported from afar. If you are still interested in helping out, please check out:

Ed Viesturs showing a photo of himself and Scott Fischer climbing K2. Niall Motson photo

We will also be holding a benefit concert on May 21st at Hales Brewery so stay tuned!

I could not be more thankful for my partner in crime Natalie Dupille for all of her hard work, talent and friendship. Somehow the two of us pulled this thing off and I could not be prouder of us.

Governor Jay Inslee addresses the group of 300 supporters. Mark Gunlogson photo

Also a big thank you to Ed Viesturs, Dawa Geljen Sherpa, Jeremiah Khan, Martha Kongsgaard, Nawang Geljen Sherpa, Niall Motson, Andy Fischer-Price, Jeannie Price, Mark Gunlogson, Mountain Madness, Matt & Carlin Pressnall, Governor Inslee, all of my roomies, and so many more! You are appreciated!!!

Mindi Katzman, Natalie Dupille, Katie Rose Fischer-Price, and Dawa Geljen Sherpa (l to r). Nial Motson photo