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December 12, 2014

"Thank You" and update from Changing Lives Nepal

MM Guide and co-founder of Changing Lives Nepal Deana Zabaldo writes with an update after receiving donations from our 30th anniversary party. We also would like to thank those that donated at the party, but also in previous years. It's so gratifying to see the progress and we congratulate Deana on all her hard work to improve the lives of these Nepalese people. From Deana:

"Thank you for the donation to Changing Lives Nepal this year and for including us in the 30th anniversary celebration!

Children's Home kids ready for school! All photos Deana Zabaldo

With your help we will be able to finish the new Children's Home, and our 19 kids will be able to move in early next year. Our organic almond project is also growing, with 62 farmers (and families) learning to care for the trees and graft new saplings.

Children's Home construction.

Watering almond saplings.

I so appreciate your continuing support over the past few years. Your generosity helps make all of this possible, and you are truly helping us change lives in Nepal!

Krishna, Sanju, Ganga, and Jamuna of Children's Home.

Maya and Deana.


~MM Guide Deana Zabaldo