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October 17, 2014

Mustang Trek - Trekkers and Staff

Celebrating an amazing trek back in Kathmandu.
All photos by Deana Zabaldo

Happily back in Kathmandu, we celebrated with drinks and dinner. It's been a spectacular journey on the Mustang Trek - and a great group of clients to travel with! I'm also always proud to work with our Nepal staff. They are simply amazing - hard working, caring, and always with a smile. Here's a few photos of their friendly faces. And if you're wondering what our trekkers thought about the journey, read on for what they had to say…

~ MM Guide Deana Zabaldo

Oangdi, Nanga, and Dawa - our superstar staff!

Shiva shows off one of Dambar's amazing apple pies, baked from scratch on the trail.

I thought it was wonderful when the village women came to dance for us. These young women really wanted to show us their culture and it wasn't a stage performance. It was intimate, it was in someone's home, and I was really touched and honored that they wanted to do that for us. It was a spontaneous and shared experience with the community and with our staff. 

~ Joan F, California

Joan exploring a cave.

"The trip surpassed all my expectations. Climbing desolate high mountain passes and finding prayer flags, mani stones, chorten or stupas at almost every turn made trekking a spiritual experience. We visited a number of monasteries, some dating back to the 8th century, as well as other religious sites like caves in the cliffs. Deana’s comprehensive knowledge of Tantric Buddhism was a great help. She identified the figures portrayed in paintings and on altars, and put them into a contextual and historical framework which greatly helped me understand how they all fit together and what it all meant. We also received blessings from monks in different monasteries, and I cherish these reminders of a very special trip to Upper Mustang!”

~ John A, California

John's glasses reflect the view: mountains and prayer flags!

I was surprised by how different and beautiful the mountains were from other areas of Nepal. 

~ Barbara G, Ohio

Barbara gets a lesson on how to make Tibetan tea.

Late in the afternoon coming into dhakmar, when the sun was low was one of the most beautiful days. The cliffs were red, the meadow was green, and the trees were just starting to turn yellow--it was one of the best days of scenic beauty. 

~ Harry C, California

Harry shoots a few photos before dropping down to the village and camp.

The immense contrast and depth of the valleys, canyons, and mountains on the way to yara--I couldn't get enough. I could have sat there all day and absorbed it. It was feeding my soul! 

~ Moira-Anne S, Canada

Moira strings prayer flags at a high pass.

Most of our Mustang group, gathered at lunchtime on the trek.



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