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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from Kilimanjaro!

Mark Gunlogson's father-in-law, Darrell, checked in with some updates from Africa! Good luck to the team on the mountain and a happy new year to everyone from Mountain Madness!

Our international team of from Tanzania, Sweden, Hungary and America all arrived at Camp 3 on December 29th, happy and healthy. Our hike the first two days were incredible! Colobus and blue monkeys were spotted in the trees, we came across signs of elephant and the lush montane forest was filled with an assortment of interesting, exotic plants.

On the 29th, we passed through Fischer camp and checked in to pay our respects to Scott's memorial plaque. A humbling experience for all of us, especially as we stand here 30 years after Scott's dream became Mountain Madness! 

The team! Darrell Bornstein photo

After the usual elaborate lunch prepared by our incredible staff, led by the chief cook Kiplet, we pushed on, arriving at the 13,500 foot Moir Camp just in time as the afternoon brought hail and hard rain pelting our tents.

Dry in the tent, the group fell prey to our lead guide Ben Mality's card playing prowess, who shot the moon in a game of hearts - grudge match to come.

Joining the team was Mark Gunlogson's father-in-law Darrell (73) and his daughter Ellie (9). Moir Camp marked their personal summit and a job well done! The rest of the group is on their way to Lava Tower and a welcome half day hike to the next camp.

Congrats to Darrell and Ellie for reaching their personal goals of 13,500 feet! Darrell Bornstein photo

Everyone sends their best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

A note from the daughter of the Swedish mom/daughter trekkers: Ella and mama Ella say to their wonderful family, who are currently chilling out by the pool, "Miss you and wish you were here. But we don't think you're suffering too much! And if your wondering if we'll reach the top? Makina Matata! Puss & Kram

Adrienn writes to Imre, "We're all doing fine, being pampered and taken care of. A line of SMS is waiting for a shred of reception...! 1,500 meters still to go. 

Work for the Madness never ends! Just kidding... Mark writing a blog and enjoying some rest time at camp. Darrell Bornstein photo