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May 21, 2013

First Single Pitch Instructor Course Completed!

I recently had the pleasure of working a custom AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course for the Northwest Outward Bound School. The folks on the course work out the Mazama Washington base and run courses in the North Cascades.  For me it was a voyage into the early days of working in the outdoor industry, having been a river and mountain instructor in Oregon back the mid 90's when it was called Pacific Crest Outward Bound.  

Practicing hauling techniques.  Jaime Pollitte photo

I had the pleasure of teaching the course with my good friend, former student, and new equipment manager at Mountain Madness Tanner Joyce who was there to shadow as part of his work towards becoming an instructor.  

Managing a top-belayed site.  Jaime Pollitte photo

Among the participants were Washington Program Director Josh Cole, Associate Program Director Megan Fraser, long time instructors Joel Reid and Wyatt Southworth , and first year instructors, Stefanie Biron and Jacklyn Long.  

The way a climber sees it.  Photo courtesy of Jill Fineis Photography

All of the participants came into the course with extensive outdoor education backgrounds as well as a plethora of climbing experience.  I was immediately impressed at the level of which all the participants operated, jumping right in with teaching presentation and technical skills demonstrations.  Along with some great personalities, this made working the course not only easy but it was a great time as well.   Over the course of five days the Outward Bound crew went through days of focusing on technical systems, terrain management, instruction/ facilitation, and most of all my nit picking of everything.

Setting up a rappel.  Photo courtesy of Jill Fineis Photography

The week was divided into a three day course and a two day exam, something that is not recommended unless you are working with group with this type of experience.  Everyone made through the exam with flying colors, which I wish I could attest to my teaching skills but..

Outward Bound and Mountain Madness crew.  Photo courtesy of Jill Fineis Photography

I want to send a special thanks to Mark Vermeal for helping to facilitate this collaboration and I hope that we can make this an annual tradition.

~ MM Northwest Program Director Jaime Pollitte