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August 31, 2012

The Tsum Valley - A Unique and Sacred Region

You may have heard that we're getting really excited about our upcoming debut of the Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal. We can't help it! It really is going to be a special adventure for our trekkers. We have enjoyed many years of trekking to Everest Base Camp and learning about the Nepalese culture through our client-favorite guide Deana Zabaldo. However, when clients finish their trek through the Khumbu Valley, they are often returning to us asking "how can we go back to that beautiful place?"

If you are one of those people who fell in love with the people, culture and landscapes of Nepal, it may be time for you to explore another equally intriguing region. Our trekkers will be some of the first to experience this well-preserved valley, passing through remote villages where people still depend on agriculture, trading and grazing herds of yak. This region emanates the deep spiritual power that Buddhists hold close in their belief. Many Buddhists pursuing enlightenment come here to meditate and believe that when massive strife comes to the world, this valley is where they can seek refuge.

The Tsum Valley. Deana Zabaldo photo

Travelling through the Tsum several years ago, Deana heard of a Buddhist, Lama Geshe, who reached a certain level of spiritual excellence. At the famous Kopan Monastery, she met a Lama, named Genchoedar, who told her of a 6-year-old boy who is Lama Geshe's reincarnation. His maturity and wisdom is that of an old soul in a new body. She was fortunate enough to be invited into a locked room above a Tantric alter where she was allowed to see the pearl-type relics of Lama Geshe that formed after his cremation. By joining Deana in the Tsum, our trekkers may be fortunate enough to visit this special Buddhist site. 

Genchoedar, a Buddhist Lama. Deana Zabaldo photo

With a history dating back to the 8th century, the only way to truly enjoy and learn about this special place is to travel with a Buddhist Lama. Accompanying Deana, his knowledge of the valley, ties to the region and religion, and general pleasant demeanor as a religious teacher in the "Hidden Valley of Happiness," will surely provide you with the best experience in an area of Nepal that only recently opened to tourism. Take advantage of the cultural teachings without the feeling of a religious retreat. Regardless of your beliefs, you will surely find this unique and rare addition to the trekking group to be enjoyable and rewarding. 

Our debut trip begins November 6, 2012. Contact us to find out how you can join this unique new adventure in the mountain valleys of Nepal.