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June 16, 2011

Mountain Madness team summits Mt. Logan!

We just talked to MM Guides Joe Stock and Tino Villanueva and got the news that they and teammates Michael Thomas, Glenn Wilson and Paul Muscat successfully climbed Mt. Logan yesterday (June 15). At 19,545 feet, Logan is the highest peak in Canada and the second highest peak in North America. A huge congratulations from all of us in Seattle!

The satellite phone call came from high camp at 17,600'  (at 10 a.m. Seattle time) where everyone was resting comfortably and relishing in their experience. Round trip time for the summit climb was 15 hours (camp to camp). Joe, super excited as always, said the final stretch of the route took them across a fantastic knife-edge ridge to the true summit - a super fun and classic finish. Air temps were around zero, but the winds which have been present on the upper mountain the last few days, brought wind chills to at least -35F. It sounded like a full face mask and full high-altitude gear kind of day!

The weather forecast is calling for diminishing winds and clear weather for the next 36 hrs which will enable them to descend perhaps as far as Camp 2 and the 10,000 ft level. Their goal for now is to try and fly out on Saturday if Ultima Thule is able to get in for a pick up on the Quintino Sella Glacier.

Joe said they've only seen 3 groups on the mountain all month, and only spoken to 1 group in person (a small Norweigian crew who left a week ago). As expected, Logan has lived up to its reputation of a true wilderness, high-altitude climb, and one that demands a high-level of committment and perseverance. Our 2011 team has done a remarkable job - congratulations to them again on this amazing climb!

Please stay tuned for some final blog posts as they descend and make their way back to Anchorage. We are excited to see and pass on photos of this amazing part of the world. All the best from us at MM!