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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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December 17, 2010

Success in Mexico and Ecuador!


Cototpaxi. MM photo

After several weeks of gnarly La Niña weather, Mountain Madness climbers were able to summit Cotopaxi! Guide Sebastian Carrasco led 5 clients on what he called "the best summit on Cotopaxi ever!!" Conditions on the mountain have turned many groups away so far this year, but Sebastian's group benefited from a clear, cold night before their summit attempt, giving them packed snow for easy travel and stunning views of the surrounding volcanoes.

Climbers on Illiniza Sur - objective of Antisana trip. Herrera photo

Illiniza Sur (l) and Norte - Nine day Cotopaxi trip includes Norte. Herrera photo


Lots of new snow has improved condittions on Chimborazo, with groups now reaching the summit.  Our season runs through February with the following trips still available:

Mexico Volcanoes


Looking into Orizaba crater. Mark Ryman photo

Summit day on Ixta. Mark Ryman photo

January 15 departure confirmed - only 9 days!

Great memories were forged on the summits of Iztaccihuatl and Orizaba this month. Guides Hector Ponce de Leon, Alejandro Cruz Rojas and Stephen Webber began the excursion in the ancient Aztec City of Teotihuacan, followed by a hike to the Altozomoni Hut to begin acclimatization. The group temporarily adopted the small black dog from the hut, who ended up following them to the summit of Ixta! 

After a day of rest in Puebla, the group moved on to conquer Orizaba. They practiced rope technique, ice safety and basic skills at 14,000 feet and prepared for the coming ascent. Unfortunately, one of the climbers, David, could not join the group to the summit due to the increasing pain from his new boots. Another good climber thwarted from the curse of new boots! Each team made it to the summit with smiles on their faces! The descent back to the hut welcomed them with celebratory tacos and beer. 

Don't miss your chance to climb these Latin American volcanoes! Call us to get your spot on our confirmed January trips! 800-328-5925.