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September 23, 2010

Kilimanjaro summit reached by entire September team!

Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Jeffrey Demmon photo

Great success atop Mt. Kilimanjaro this month! Trip leaders James Kivuyo and Noel Mbwambo led seven climbers to the 19,340-foot summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on our Shira Plateau-Western Breach trip. The climbers had a great time on the mountain, overcoming challenges and enjoying the views from the summit.

Glacier remnants in the summit crater. Jeffrey Demmon photo

Everyone arrived in Itikoni for a couple days of acclimatization in our private camp in Arusha National Park. After a day of gear checking and briefing, the climbers hiked up to some waterfalls and enjoyed sundowners in the evening. The view of Kilimanjaro in the distance got them excited for the climb to come. The first couple days were spent acclimatizing on moderate hikes. The group split up to allow for the climbers to hike at their own speed and enjoy the environemnt.

The group enjoying a meal. Jeffrey Demmon photo

The climbers ascended to the crater pit near the summit to pitch their high camp on September 10th and made the summit push the next morning. Everyone was ecstatic to achieve their goal and stand atop the tallest peak in Africa.

The group at the summit of Lava Tower. Jeffrey Demmon photo

The descent down the mountain brought the climbers to the Moivaro Lodge where they rested before the exciting safari tour through the Ngorongoro crater. They ascended a steep escarpment which offered a magnificent view of Lake Manyara and the Gregory Rift Valley. The climbers shared their lunch space with a giraffe, which passed by while they were eating!

Celebrating after the climb. Jeffrey Demmon photo

Maasai warriors. Jeffrey Demmon photo

Local Maasai taught the climbers all about their culture, the use of herbs and the process that young boys go through to become warriors of the Maasai army. Their second day of safari brought them amazing sighting opportunities of an elephant bull with long tusks as well as buffaloes and lion prides on the hunt.

Up close and personal with an elephant bull. Jeffrey Demmon photo

To plan your Kilimanjaro and safari adventure, contact us at the office and we'll get you on your way to the majestic mountain and safari lands of Tanzania!