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September 16, 2010

Climbing for Education in Tanzania

Thanks to the collaboration of Wes Krause, co-founder of Mountain Madness, and avid climber Rich Ward, the October Mountain Madness climb of Kilimanjaro will also be a promotion of education in Tanzania. On his trip, Rich will be visiting Mateves Secondary School, to which he is generously donating to expand the school for more students. With the funds from Rich's donation this expansion will come one step closer to completion. Read below to find out more about Mateves Secondary School:

Building the school

Mateves Mission Statement is:

"To tackle illiteracy in the community by ensuring that all enrolled students are provided with fitting and quality education, offered in an environment that is conducive, and delivered by a competent and highly motivated teaching staff.”

In 2006 the Tanzanian government made secondary education one of its highest priorities making it mandatory to have a secondary school in every ward across the country.

Mateves Secondary school was established on April 10th, 2006. At that time there were 123 students and 8 teachers. The school had no classrooms, so space had to be borrowed from a neighbor.

Every year the government assigns a new “batch” of secondary school students to all government schools. Mateves is now receiving about 450 new students entering at the lowest secondary grade, Form I. Since 2006 the school has grown to approximately 1200 students and will, in the near future, reach the government quota of over 1600 students.

School kitchen

Since its beginning, with no class rooms at all, the school has grown to 10 rooms; not all are quite finished yet. But with the help of small amounts of government funds and lots of generous donors the hope is to have these 10 finished by September when the 2010 National Examination takes place. There are now 17 teachers. It is noteworthy that in the first Form II National Examination taken at Mateves 100 out of 123 students passed and were moved on to Form III.

There obviously is aneed many more class rooms. Even to get to a point of having only 50 students per room there is a need to more than triple the number we currently have. Donations are the main source of funding for new buildings so anything we can do to encourage more funding would be fantastic.

The school is located 18kms west of Arusha town within Ngorbob Village, Mateves ward, Mukulat Division within the Arusha District Council."

Giving out Mosi nets

We are excited to begin a partnership with Around-n-Over that will allow our trip particpants or others interested to make tax-deductible donations. If you would like to contribute to the school project, tax-deductible donations can be made through Around-n-Over, whose mission is to educate and to inspire through human powered journeys. Click here to donate! Donations can be made to the Mountain Madness Projects fund at Around-n-Over.