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May 27, 2010

Madness and Seattle Parks Department's 02 Team Up on Mount Rainier!


Cynthia Lincoln photo

The Outdoor Opportunities (02) Program, run by Seattle Parks and Recreation, is " outdoor expedition level program designed to expose multi-ethnic teens to environmental education, urban conservation, and stewardship, while creating an environment for community leadership and empowerment."  

The free program is open to Seattle youth between the ages of 15 and 19, and every month it provides students with the opportunity to participate in two overnight excursions, environmental service learning projects, and weekly workshops. What better organization to team up with Mountain Madness? In the spirit of O2's directive, Mountain Madness recently operated this trip as a not-for-profit outing for a group of teens.

Earlier in May, Mountain Madness guides Jason Broman and Chris Petry took a group of students to Mount Rainier, where they spent a day practicing their snow skills, such as ice axe arrest, building snow anchors.  O2 instructor Cynthia Lincoln said "...the students had such an awesome time learning about snow anchors and knots!  I thought it was epic to see them trying to figure out ways that they could make alternative anchors -- the Nalgene did better than I thought!  I know that the students really enjoyed the instruction and instructors who were a fountain of useful and interesting knowledge."

Mountain Madness guide Jason Broman is still smiling about the experience.  "It was such an honor to share our passion for the alpine with a new generation!" he said.  "And the students were such good sports about the snowy weather."