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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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May 11, 2009

Everest Base Camp Trek - A Dog Named George

May 7

Contrary to popular belief coming down the mountain is no "walk in the park". The distance we are covering now is equal to what we did in two days on the way up. Granted we do feel like we are swimming in oxygen since we got below 14,000 feet. I find myself wanting to make these long days on the trail last longer. This is not hard to do since both of my knees wanted to quit about a week ago. So, I trot along at a snails pace taking in everything and everyone around me. This includes the stray mountain dog we picked up along the way, which Jon and Blandine have named George.

Why a Nepali dog has an American name, I don't know. He has been a very welcome addition to the team. But, George is just one of the many friends we have made along the way. We routinely cross paths with several other trekking groups. Trekking groups from over the world. So, obviously communication is sometimes a challenge. My solution to this communication problem is a warm smile, a wink and a friendly "Namaste". This lets other trekkers know that I know what they know (or they think I'm trying to hit on them, I'm not too sure). For those of you sitting at home reading this that don't know. I suggest you come to Nepal, hike in these amazing mountains and find out.