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February 23, 2009

Aconcagua Polish Traverse Expedition wrap up report!

Hello Mountain Madness blog readers! Pablo here, we apologize for the overdue posting, we were having difficulties with our satellite phone connection. Here is a recap of our summit day on Aconcagua

After waiting for clear weather, we gave the summit a go on February 15th. We summitted with two groups; one leaving at 5 am and one leaving at 4 am. Ossy led the 4 am group, which included Kari, Susan and Lorne. The rest of the group went up at 5 am with Pablo and Alejo. Both groups met before the Independencia hut. 

Pablo stayed here at the hut with Susan, while the rest of the group began the final push up. Lorne made it to the cave, while the rest of the group made the summit! Lorne and Ossy descended to the cave, where Lorne waited for the group to finish the summit. Ossy returned to the group and everyone else summitted around 3 pm. 

Ossy and Alejo picked up Lorne and returned down. Pablo and Susan, after resting awhile at the cave, began the climb and summitted at 4 pm. Ossy radioed Pablo to tell him there was an upcoming 'biento blanco', white winds. The white winds buried all the tracks on our descent to third camp! But we made it down to camp after a long day fighting the winds down the mountain. Chris decided to remain at third camp, and not attempt the summit. 

We began our decent down the mountain on the 16th making our way down to third and second camps. On the 17th we hiked out 7-8 hours to the park entrance. Then we transferred to Penitentes, where we picked up our gear. From there it was off to Mendoza!

Congratulations to the tea members who summitted and those who put forth their best effort! It was a pleasure climbing this group. Ciao!