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Trans Andean Trek or Climb

South America

Join our Kayak, Trek, and Climb adventure in Bolivia and explore this ancient empire amidst high mountains while suported by porters and pack animals. We’ll wind our way through a labyrinth of river valleys and mountain passes before crossing over the Cordillera Real to Zongo Pass. From the pass, an optional climb of Cerro Charkini can be made even for those with little or no climbing experience.

Add three days and climb Huayna Potosi!

The trip begins with a visit to Tiwanaka and Inca ruins. From there we travel to the beautiful Lake Titicaca, and explore the town of Copacabana and the Island of the Sun. From town we set out to kayak in the brilliant blue waters of the lake. Leaving the altiplano we then trek into the heart of the Cordillera Real. As our team begins to trek southward, we enjoy views of the dramatic peak of Condoriri, "the condor’s wings," and the impressive flanks of the heavily glaciated peak of Huayna Potosi, considered by many to be the most beautiful peak in Bolivia.

Once acclimatized, experienced climbers in the group can make an ascent of Huayna Potosi as a three-day extension.

After your adventures in Bolivia, it's a short hop to Cusco, Peru where you can enjoy extensions to Machu Picchu and the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. Call for details or visit our Machu Picchu and Amazon extension page.