Rest break on Cotopaxi at daybreak. Mark Ryman photo
Arriving at Cotopaxi Summit. Mountain Madness photo
La Basilica towering spires, Quito. Mountain Madness photo
Transition off the glacier on Cayambe. Mountain Madness photo
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Ecuador Volcanoes

South America

All-inclusive Mountain Madness-style: learn more

Elevations: Guided climbs of Cayambe 18,997 feet/5790 meters,  Cotopaxi 19,348 feet/5897 meters, and Chimborazo 20,703 feet/6310 meters

Options: Itineraries of 11 days (Cayambe & Cotopaxi) or 15 days (includes Chimboarazo)

Galapagos Islands

The combination of challenging volcano climbs, charming haciendas, amazing food, and great Ecuadorian and American guides makes this one of our most enjoyable adventures and one of the best introductions to high altitude mountaineering for advanced beginners. Before climbing Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo you'll explore the city of Quito and the Indian village of Otavalo, where shoppers delight in the variety of handmade goods. After a skills review, we’re off to climb.

"As a first time mountain climber and international traveler I didn't know what to expect. The trip exceeded my expectations in every aspect - the guides, the people, the food, the accommodations, the culture and luckily the weather. A truly memorable experience and one I will look back on for years to come."Ryan O.


Ecuador’s famous “Avenue of the Volcanoes” offers some of the finest beginner-intermediate mountaineering in the Andes, set amid a fascinating cultural backdrop. While climbing Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo we’ll encounter crevassed glacier travel, 35-40 degree snow and ice slopes, and beautiful ridges. This trip offers the very best of a wonderful country, spectacular mountains, and diverse climbing opportunities. Read more about the country and climbs here.