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Insurance plans protect you from the unexpected. Below you will find several insurance resources. We are not experts on travel insurance and therefore ask that you please consult the insurance company with any specific questions. Examples of coverage available for adventure travel are outlined below.

If you choose not to purchase insurance, you assume full responsibility for any expenses incurred in the event of a medical emergency and/or evacuation, as well as for trip cancellation, lost luggage, etc.


Medical, Rescue & Evacuation

Check your own medical policy to see what is covered, especially if you are traveling internationally.

If you are in remote areas, please note that emergency rescue & evacuation can be very expensive. We strongly urge you to consider rescue and evacuation insurance if your own policy does not provide the coverage needed. Services available may include, but are not limited to, helicopter evacuation, medical care, etc. Check policy for details.



American Alpine Club: You need to be a member to apply ($75). Several types of coverage available, including annual coverage, or per trip coverage. International and domestic coverage.

Find out more about AAC at:


Global Rescue: Good resource for rescue and evacuation insurance for international trips. Coverage available for trips involving high altitude and technical climbing.

You can purchase Global Rescue online at:


Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance: provides an integrated program offering both evacuation and rescue coverage along with a premier travel insurance specifically designed for adventure travel.

Find out more about Ripcord at


Travel Guard provides coverage for trip cancellation as well as medical expense and medical evacuation insurance. Ask your Travel Guard representative for the plan that covers high altitude and mountaineering activities (involving a rope, crampons and harness.)

You can purchase Travel Guard by clicking here.
Agent # 001572


General Travel and Trip Coverage

Travel Guard provides coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, or delay due to unforeseeable sickness, injury or death of you or a family member. Coverage also includes default protection and lost, stolen or damaged luggage.

You can purchase Travel Guard by clicking here.
Agent # 001572