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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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July 28, 2015

A Bit of Luck for Elbrus Group 2

MM Guide Mark Pugliese reports on the second of three Elbrus trip of the season that was met with some good luck and a successful summit! 

After a day touring the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow, our group boarded the domestic flight to Mineralnye Vody and drove south to the Caucasus mountain range.


July 23, 2015

Three out of Three in Peru!

Last year Barbara S. climbed her first three mountains in Peru. She fell so in love with the Cordillera Blanca that she decided to come back for more. Knowing Barbara's strength and climbing skills, the best option was to set up a customized trip. For the first part of the expedition the logistics were shared with another customized trip led by Marc and Sondra Ripprerger. Instead of Churup Lake (the classic Mountain Madness acclimatization hike) the team went to Ahuak Lake. With more than 180 km of the highest tropical range in the world at our fingertips, there were plenty of good options nearby to stretch our legs, gain some altitude and enjoy the views.


July 13, 2015

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Alpamayo has been coined the most beautiful mountain in the world. Long-time Mountain Madness climber Jeff D. has had the stunning photo of the West Face of Alpamayo on his phone screensaver for a number of years now. After he saw this magnificent peak on trek through the Santa Cruz Valley, he made it his goal to climb this technical climb that stands just under 6000 meters. 


July 6, 2015

Escaping the Heat on Baker

Hot summer days may be upon us but the mountains are one of the coolest places to be, pun intended. Here's a glimpse into last weekend's Mt. Baker Easton Glacier climb with a few Texans looking to keep cool and climb high. I learned the highest point within many miles of these folks' home is 160 feet and temperatures are generally in the high 90's! Talk about a training challenge.  


July 1, 2015

Father and Son Shred the Mighty Baker Horn!

Just because winter is over, or didn’t really happen up here in the Pacific Northwest, doesn’t mean that that ski season is over!  Dan and his dad Magnus joined Mountain Madness and AMGA Certified Ski Guide Chris Marshall on a four-day ski mountaineering program on Mt. Baker.  They chose to head off the beaten path and climb and ski Mt. Baker via the Squak Glacier.  The Squak offers over 3500’ of fall line skiing!  The Squak Glacier is best described as an endless “Blue Square” ski run complete with the aesthetic views of large crevasses, the ocean, and towering serac fields.