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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from Kilimanjaro!

Mark Gunlogson's father-in-law, Darrell, checked in with some updates from Africa! Good luck to the team on the mountain and a happy new year to everyone from Mountain Madness!

Our international team of from Tanzania, Sweden, Hungary and America all arrived at Camp 3 on December 29th, happy and healthy. Our hike the first two days were incredible! [+] READ MORE

December 30, 2013

Antisana Team Summits Chimborazo!

MM Guide Gaspar Navarrete reports on the final days for the Antisana and Chimborazo team in Ecuador:

After spending some days in the Illiniza region and climbing both Illiniza Norte and Sur, we made our summit attempt on Antisana on December 21st. We were all worried about weather since it had rained almost all day and part of the night. At 11pm we woke up and weather was perfect, we all got ready and left by 12.30am.


December 26, 2013

Climbing in the Cocuy Range of Colombia

Our first Colombian Andes expedition of the season was a great success! The team got to experience the absolute beauty of the Cocuy Mountain range that few foreigners have been so lucky to see. From their base camp at Laguna Grande de la Sierra, they had their pick of many different summit options. Check out some of their dispatches from during the trip below:


December 24, 2013

Winter in Ecuador in Full Swing - Success on the Illinizas!

Ecuador season is in full swing this winter! With one Ecuador School complete and Cotopaxi Express and Antisana expeditions underway, we're looking forward to 3 more Ecuador Schools and Volcanoes expeditions, 4 Cotopaxi Express expeditions and even a trip to the Galapagos and the Amazon with our Huaorani Jungle Adventure


December 20, 2013

Avalanche Season Kicks Off With Private Avy Course

I woke up this morning to snow all over the trees and roads around my place near downtown Seattle. If it’s snowing in Seattle, you know what that means for the mountains…! I immediately turned on my computer and went directly to the Northwest Avalanche Center’s website ( to check on the latest weather, snow, and avalanche conditions. The avalanche center had rated the avalanche danger for today in much of the Cascades as HIGH: “Natural Avalanches are Likely; Human Triggered Avalanches are Very Likely”. Wow, just in time. [+] READ MORE