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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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August 31, 2012

The Tsum Valley - A Unique and Sacred Region

You may have heard that we're getting really excited about our upcoming debut of the Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal. We can't help it! It really is going to be a special adventure for our trekkers. We have enjoyed many years of trekking to Everest Base Camp and learning about the Nepalese culture through our client-favorite guide Deana Zabaldo. However, when clients finish their trek through the Khumbu Valley, they are often returning to us asking "how can we go back to that beautiful place?"


August 23, 2012

Custom Trips on Kilimanjaro

This summer has been the season of small Kilimanjaro climbs! We completed three successful trips up the mountain in July, two on the Shira Plateau and one up the Machame Route, and they all had an air of custom, small-party quaintness. One group added a luxury beachside finish to their Shira Plateau climb on the beautiful white sand beaches of Zanzibar. What a wonderful way to reward yourselves after a summit accomplishment! Check out stories from the other two climbs below:


August 8, 2012

Mount Baker North Ridge

I had the great opportunity to guide the North Ridge of Mount Baker which is a great climb in the North Cascades. What made the trip even more special was I got to take a gentleman by the name of Ryan out on the climb, which was his first ever experience in the mountains! [+] READ MORE

August 4, 2012

"Best Summit Climb Yet" on Mount Rainier

MM Mt. Rainier Climb

July 8-11

Matt Barela and I met three of our members of our group at Second Ascent on a beautiful morning in Seattle on July 8th. After doing a gear check and reviewing our plan we drove southward toward Mt. Rainier national park. [+] READ MORE

August 1, 2012

Breaking Through the Clouds on Mount Shuksan Climb in the North Cascades

"Our Mount Shuksan Sulphide Glacier climb began with a great clear day making for firm snow and great views on our way to the notch camp at 5,600 feet on Shuksan. Once we arrived at camp and I finished celebrating that I finally got to a camp with dry gear (it's been a wet season), we dove into skills needed for the following days summit attempt. [+] READ MORE