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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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June 28, 2012

Old Friends, New Adventures on the North Ridge of Mount Baker

MM Guide Ian Nicholson joined two of his return clients, Joel S. and Mark M. on a North Ridge of Mount Baker climb. Having climbed together many times, they have come up with the perfect routine for a great climb. With Joel's camera attached at Ian's hip, the three come home with great photos and great stories. Read Ian's account of their adventure. 


June 21, 2012

New Altitude Goals Reached on Peru's Chopakalki

Chopakalki in Peru is one of those gorgeous peaks that almost always offers beautiful photos with ample snow. Unfortunately, that means that the snow conditions can often shut out climbers from their objectives. We had a great strong team in early June make their summit attempt. [+] READ MORE

June 14, 2012

Birthday Ski Tour At Washington Pass

With a good weather forecast and tons of snow left, MM President, Mark Gunlogson, his wife Heidi, relatives from Maine, and some new friends got motivated to do this excellent tour. Some great snow combined with some white-out conditions made for a great adventure! While not a regular offering at MM this tour is great and will be offered next year along with other great ski options in our program.


June 12, 2012

13-Day Alpine Climbing Course Gets Great Lessons with Difficult Weather

A lot can happen in a 13-day Alpine Leadership Course and it usually does. This particular course found a variety of challenges, specifically conditions and weather. [+] READ MORE

June 8, 2012

Family Climbing Trip - Finding New Possibilities in the Cascades

Here at Mountain Madness, we love the opportunity to get out to the mountains with younger generations of climbers. It gives us some perspective and perhaps allows us to prioritize a new agenda. One great way to do that is to set up a custom climb or course with our guides and we will make sure our itinerary fits your family's needs.