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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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August 25, 2011

Makin' It Happen at the 11th Hour!

Last season I had the pleasure to work with local Seattle climber, Michael Knoll, on a trip to one of the North Cascade’s most hallowed peaks, Mt. Goode. It was one of those phone calls that comes at 4 p.m., when all your ducks are in a row for the coming day, and you’re half out the door: “Got any guides interested in climbing Goode’s NE Buttress?” he asked casually. [+] READ MORE

August 19, 2011

Women Making It Happen on Mount Baker!

Our Womens’ Programs here at Mountain Madness are going strong!  Taru Helne, along with guide Aili Farquhar, climbed Mt. Baker via the Easton Glacier on Monday, August 8.  


August 18, 2011

Olympic Traverse - a wild and wooly adventure in pure wilderness!

For many the idea of off-trail travel in wilderness, however challenging, is too hard too resist. This summer we added yet another astonishing traverse to our list of trips thanks to the suggestion of client Greg, himself an expert of the Olympic Mountain traverses, history, and topography. [+] READ MORE

August 12, 2011

Bolivia climbers stand atop Huayna Potosi and Illimani!

Mountain Madness climbers from the Bolivia Mountaineering School called in yesterday with a successful report of Huayna Potosì and Illimani! Each climber that had previously reached the summit of Pequeño Alpamayo had said that it was the most challenging climb they had ever completed. [+] READ MORE

August 8, 2011

Ecuador Volcanoes Expedtion makes it to within a few hundred meters of Cayambe!

MM guide, Gaspar Navarrete called in to report our team made it so close to the summit of Cayambe, but high winds kept them just short of reaching the summit. Snow and weather conditions were great otherwise and they hope for less winds when they attempt Cotopaxi next. [+] READ MORE