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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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July 28, 2010

Climbing Wall at Index Saved from Dynamite!!

Check out this video from Komo 4 News about climbers' efforts to save the Index climbing wall from becoming a quarry.

KOMO 4 Video


July 28, 2010

Solid Attempt of Mustagh Ata!

Some of you have been following the updates of John and 13-year-old Alex on Mustagh Ata with guide Shayan Rohani. Shy just got out of Kashgar and had a moment to share with us how the trip went. Here is his story: 


July 27, 2010

Summit and Ski Descent of Mt. Elbrus (18,540 ft)- Russia

Reported by Mountain Madness guide Mark Ryman

The first Mountain Madness Mt. Elbrus trip of the season was a huge success, complete with some good skiing for half of the group. We started off on July 5 in Moscow with a nice Russian style orientation dinner, followed by a tour of the city the next day. We made stops at the Kremlin, Red Square, and Moscow University before heading to Old Arbat street for entertainment and dinner. [+] READ MORE

July 20, 2010

Learning Lead Climbing Skills and Rock Rescue in Leavenworth

In June, Mountain Madness Guide Jason Broman took two clients, Petey and Greg, to Leavenworth for a two day Intermediate Rock Course followed by a day of instruction in Rock Rescue. On the course, our they learned the techniques of multi-pitch climbing, placement of  protection, lead climbing, and route finding on longer climbs. Under Jason's watch, they built many anchors and placed a ton of gear. The weather allowed for three good days of cragging in Leavenworth, despite intermittent showers. 


July 19, 2010

Follow 13-year-old Alex on 24,757-ft. Mustagh Ata!

We have received three updates from our guides on Mustagh Ata. Alex, 13, dove into the climbing world when he was 8 years old by summiting Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Adams and it has been difficult to keep him off the mountains ever since. He has climbed various peaks in the Western U.S., Canada, Bolivia and Peru. Joining him on this adventure is his father and guide, Shayan Rohani who among other objectives, led Alex and his dad to the summit of the beautiful Toclaraju in Peru's Cordillera Blanca. Alex has been in good hands all along and trained hard for these spectacular climbs.