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June 24, 2009

Interval training for climbing and trekking

Interval Training and how it can help you!

"Intervals" are repeated segments of high intensity effort and lower intensity recovery pieces, and can be done by running up hills and jogging back down, briskly climbing up hilly terrain with a weighted pack and then walking back down, or cycling through a set Interval program on a machine such as Elliptical trainers or step mills.


June 16, 2009

Index Lower Town Wall Secure For Now

The granite walls of Washington State's Index Town Wall are among the best to be found anywhere, including Yosemite. Long a favorite haunt of local and travelling climbers, and Moutain Madness guides and clients, it recently was put up for sale by the owner.

And to find out more what can and is being done visit the Access Fund article here


June 2, 2009

Confessions of a climbing addict...

Ok, so it hasn’t always been that way, I was once a bit more portly and a bit less vertically inclined; indeed satisfied with my desk job and slowly shrinking, damn those cleaners, office attire. I had always thought people who pushed the limits climbing, bungee jumping, parachuting and the like were simply “short a few screws”, perhaps “one shy of a six pack”…little did I know spare parts and five packs would soon start showing up in my life as well.