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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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July 25, 2014

Alan's Torment Forbidden Traverse Report

A couple years back I met Gordon and Thiago in a 6 day glacier mountaineering course on Mount Shuksan. They were both intrigued by climbing in technical terrain and picked it up quickly.  For this summer the lofty goal of climbing the Torment Forbidden was decided upon.  


July 31, 2013

Perfect Weather on the Torment Traverse

Over the past three years Amy has racked up an impressive list of expedition climbs and treks, ranging from snowboarding from the summit of Elbrus, to Everest base camp treks with her kids. Recently like many mountaineers Amy decided to learn to rock climb in order to apply rock craft to the mountains. [+] READ MORE

July 18, 2013

Adventure on the Torment Forbidden Traverse

Last summer Chris came out to Washington in mid June with plans to climb the west ridge of Forbidden Peak.  However the weather was a bit unsettled on our Western Slopes, so to increase our chances of not being shut down by weather, we changed the plans, and climbed the West Ridge of Mount Stuart in the Enchantments. [+] READ MORE

August 1, 2012

Prime Time on Forbidden Peak, North Cascades National Park

MM Guide Marc Ripperger and I just wrapped up 4 days with a great gang on Forbidden Peak. Day 1 was spent reviewing rock climbing skills at the scenic Mount Erie. Belaying, rock climbing movement, rappelling, and multi-pitch transitions were covered. [+] READ MORE

September 14, 2011

Torment-Forbidden Traverse, Sharkfin Tower, & North Face of Buckner Whirlwind!

Wow- what a trip! Tracey Bernstein and MM guide Ian Nicholson send some Cascade classics in one trip. And while the summer was full of new adventures that keeps Mountain Madness and its clientele at the forefront of unique guided climbs in the Cascades, like Mt. Challenger-Pickets Traverse, an Olympic traverse on unexplored terrain, and climbs of Mox and Spickard in a remote corner of the North Cascades National Park, this trip stands out for the sheer amount of alpine climbing accomplished in one trip. Nice job Tracey and Ian! [+] READ MORE