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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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September 3, 2015

Diploma in Mountain Medicine

The Diploma in Mountain Medicine program sets the international standard for comprehensive training in mountain medicine for medical professionals. Mountain Madness has been a part of this training for many years, training diploma candidates from the military in mountaineering skills required for their diploma. This year’s candidates, Jason, Mike, Wayne and Alex, were surgeons and nurses from the Navy and Air Force and were spending weeks training in the mountains of the NW to be prepared to be leaders of complex technical rescue and able to provide medical care where resources and environmental conditions are extreme. What a tall order!


August 31, 2015

The Alps deliver, despite some challenging conditions

For the last two weeks of August, Monica G. and Jody R. joined Mountain Madness on climbs in France and Switzerland. Mont Blanc was one of the options but we switched to other goals due to rock fall hazards on the Gouter Couloir.


August 14, 2015

Dry Summer in the Alps

This is a dry summer in the Alps. Mont Blanc's normal route has been closed by the authorities twice so far and many routes are more dangerous than usual, especially those that travel big glaciers or areas with loose rocks. It doesn't mean that alpinism is not viable, not at all! It's just a matter of choosing the right lines. MM Guide Joshua Jarrin took clients to Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn this August to have a try at good weather and some great alpine climbing. 


July 24, 2013

Multi-Pitch Training Leads To Big Climbs!

The first day of any Intermediate Rock Course is the day to check up on the skills and habits of the recreational climber, and make sure all of the necessary pieces are there. Good belay techniques, safety checks, and communication are among the most important.


February 18, 2013

Mountain Madness to offer AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

Professional American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) trainings and Mountain Madness

With the growing popularity of rock climbing as a professional progam activity in summer camps, high schools Universities and adventure / leadership programs, the demand for qualified instructors has increased ten fold in the last ten years.  As with many seemingly high risk activities, if facilitated by trained and qualified instructors, the risks involved can be manged and the risks minimized. The American Mountain Guides Association's "Single Pitch Instructor course (SPI)"  is becoming recognized as the standard training for rock climbing instructors. [+] READ MORE