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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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March 6, 2017

The Quiet Comeback

Respected Everest chronicler, successful K2 and Seven Summit climber, and passionate Alzheimer’s advocate interviews Mark Gunlogson about his company Mountain Madness and their return to Mount Everest.

If you say “Mountain Madness”, what comes to mind? Many people will say Scott Fischer and others may bring up Everest 1996. And while not wrong, they might be missing one of the quietest comeback stories in expedition guiding.


January 5, 2017

Remembering Chris Boskoff

Hard to imagine it was ten years ago that Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler died in the remote mountains of Tibet. On a recent trip to Nepal, Kili Sherpa and I reminisced about her, how they met, which was a series of coincidental meetings in random places in the Everest region, and our amazement of how time flies.