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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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July 6, 2015

Escaping the Heat on Baker

Hot summer days may be upon us but the mountains are one of the coolest places to be, pun intended. Here's a glimpse into last weekend's Mt. Baker Easton Glacier climb with a few Texans looking to keep cool and climb high. I learned the highest point within many miles of these folks' home is 160 feet and temperatures are generally in the high 90's! Talk about a training challenge.  


June 20, 2014

Early season on the Easton Glacier route of Mt. Baker

Mountain Madness guide Chris Marshall and assistant Quinn Rohlf just came off a successful summit climb of Mount Baker. While the weather low on the mountain wasn't exactly cooperative, the team, fueled by gourmet backcountry cuisine, persevered climbing through a whiteout and were rewarded with a bluebird summit! [+] READ MORE

August 14, 2013

Mount Baker Climb with Kids

“Daaaad, I’m tired; Daaaad, how much longer; Daaaad, what happens if I fall…” I knew tying my 12-year-old daughter Grace second in line on the rope I led would make me vulnerable to such fretting, versus putting her at the end of the rope where she would likely just put her head down and stoically make each step of many on the way to the summit of Mount Baker. [+] READ MORE

July 1, 2013

Baker Summit - Rain or Shine!

"This weekend Mark Pugliese and I took a group of 8 climbers (mostly Canadians!) to Mount Baker for our classic Easton Glacier climb. The group was a mixture of experienced climbers and first timers, but all were excited to get up on the mountain! We left the van with blue skies and warm temperatures. But that wouldn't last for long...


June 20, 2013

First Baker Ascent of the Season!

"I just finished up a great 3 days on the Easton Glacier route of Mt. Baker! I was fortunate enough to have 2 great clients, Dave Chamberlain and Flor Aparicio as well as professional photographer Vincent Lamphier, who was there to take photos for Mountain Madness. This was my first time guiding a trip on Baker for MM.