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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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September 10, 2015

Fly like a Butterfly. Climb like a Mountain Goat.

Congratulations to John Davis, who recently successfully reached the summit of Mont Blanc. Back in July, John put time and mileage into preparation for the Alps earlier in the North Cascades on the Matterhorn Prep Course


May 4, 2010

Alaska Season Begins! Dave Ahrens Reports From Ruth Glacier.

We’re excited to announce that the Alaska climbing season has begun, and Mountain Madness teams are in the thick of the excitement.

Dave Ahrens is guiding our eight-day expedition training course, which is held in the famous Ruth Gorge – only ten air miles southeast of Denali. [+] READ MORE

June 24, 2009

Interval training for climbing and trekking

Interval Training and how it can help you!

"Intervals" are repeated segments of high intensity effort and lower intensity recovery pieces, and can be done by running up hills and jogging back down, briskly climbing up hilly terrain with a weighted pack and then walking back down, or cycling through a set Interval program on a machine such as Elliptical trainers or step mills.