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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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August 28, 2014

"Pole pole" on Kilimanjaro

This was the last Kilimanjaro trip of the season and all six clients made to the top. The group arrived on the 9th August 2014 but in two separate flights. George with his kids arrived from Nairobi while the other three arrived with KLM. First night at our private camp was very special place to be. Driving in darkness from the airport, Michael said, “Ben, what are we going to see?” “Nothing!” I answered in a joking way. It is very dark but we could see some lights in the villages, and in the park before camp we saw a waterbuck and three rabbits. So perhaps I was wrong as we did see something!


July 22, 2013

Kilimanjaro Summit - 16 out of 16!

MM Guide Ben Mality reports on our recent Kilimanjaro expedition:

Day 1 of our 16-person Kilimanjaro climb this late June started off with a comfortable night at our private camp in the Arusha National Park. At around 6,000 feet, it's great for acclimatization and the trekkers loved it. The staff was generous and made the comfortable tents and meals look amazing. Far away from the bustle of Arusha and far from the airport, there is no place like it to recover from your travels and get ready for the climb. Trekkers kept exclaiming, "what a place to stay before the climb!"


September 18, 2012

Free Kilimanjaro Presentations in Seattle

Check out the flyer below! Mountain Madness co-founder Wes Krause will be in Seattle the first week of October to share stories about life in the mountains with Scott Fischer and show you how we have been running a world-class Kilimanjaro adventure for nearly 30 years! Call our office for more details. [+] READ MORE

August 23, 2012

Custom Trips on Kilimanjaro

This summer has been the season of small Kilimanjaro climbs! We completed three successful trips up the mountain in July, two on the Shira Plateau and one up the Machame Route, and they all had an air of custom, small-party quaintness. One group added a luxury beachside finish to their Shira Plateau climb on the beautiful white sand beaches of Zanzibar. What a wonderful way to reward yourselves after a summit accomplishment! Check out stories from the other two climbs below:


September 28, 2011

Kilimanjaro: Climb for the Cause reflections

Some of you may have been following the wonderful dispatches from Kilimanjaro as Olivia Simonson called in on the sat phone nearly every day with an update of their group's progress. Olivia and her father Clif climbed Kilimanjaro with Mountain Madness in June and used their adventure to help raise money for their non-profit organization Climb For The Cause. [+] READ MORE