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October 22, 2014

Pik Lenin: Expedition Report

Driving away from Osh toward Pik Lenin, it was clear that we were far from home. A constant line of trucks carting coal for power and heat passed us going the opposite direction, bound for the city. Occasionally a truck would have a slaughtered animal, bleeding and tied to the roof, in addition to its other cargo.


September 25, 2014

Pik Lenin: Exploring a country with a window into the past

In the Fall of 2013, Mountain Madness was coming up on it's 30 anniversary.  We wanted to do something symbolic of the company's legacy and tradition.  We wanted to do a unique expedition on a big mountain in a remote location.  A true adventure.

Fast forward nearly a year and there I was emerging from customs, after 2 hours of waiting, in the Osh Airport, Krygyzstan.  It was the middle of night.  It seems all flights in and out of Osh revolve around the air traffic schedules of other more desirable destinations. Any flight going through Osh places you in the airport at a forsaken hour of the night.  


August 19, 2014

Pik Lenin Expedition Reaches Base Camp

We have arrived at Base Camp to beautiful skies, Pik Lenin rising directly above. The drive to camp took us over a nearly 4000 meter pass, on a highway that, in places, was so damaged there was room only for one vehicle.  We drove south from Osh, through the Trans-Altai mountain range, finally emerging into the Alay Valley and the start of the Pamir Range and Pik Lenin. [+] READ MORE

August 18, 2014

First Report from Pik Lenin Expedition

We have a great group for Pik Lenin, and we had a good first day in the country.  We explored the city of Osh and viewed the most famous sights.  First we hiked up Sulayman Mountain, the only World Heritage site in Kyrgyzstan.  The mountain has been a destination for Muslim and pre-Muslim pilgrimages in this 3000 year old city.  The mountain is surrounded by legend and it is said that women who ascend the mountain and crawl through an opening in the holy rock will have healthy children.