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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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August 26, 2018

Madness clients Sarah & Jeremy are making it happen!

Picture this: you are very happily married in your early 30s, own a home, and you each have pretty amazing, stable jobs. Who could ask for anything more right? Why on earth would you sell your home, quit both your jobs, and move across the United States because you had the insane idea to start climbing MOUNTAINS? Not just hike mountains, but CLIMB them; to learn how to become a mountaineer. Well, we did just that. [+] READ MORE

July 9, 2018

Among Women in the Mountains: A Female Guide’s Learning from an All-Girls Climb

Our climb began in the pitch-black darkness of a sky with no moon. It was 1 a.m. and I offered to lead our teams out of camp, even though I’d never climbed the Easton Glacier. I could only see the narrow scope of my bright headlamp, so I trusted intuition, weaving around rock outcroppings and crisscrossing across slopes. Step by step, we made slow progress through our obsidian universe. [+] READ MORE

August 3, 2017

Ken's High Five - Part One, Cascade Express

One peak, two peak, three peak, four… and five. Ken is going for it! When you're climbing three Cascade peaks in seven days, sometimes you look at your most recent summit and say “Huh, was I really on top of that two days ago…?”


August 2, 2017

Soaked and Stoked - A Family Climb of Mount Baker

Madness guide Mallorie Estenson shares a soggy but successful Mount Baker climb with a family and their friend. Interested in a climb with your family? Also check out Mount Adams and Ruth Mountain!

On Thursday, Arthur Herlitzka and I drove down the Mount Baker Highway, coffee in-hand and windshield wipers working. After a full month of trips in perfect weather, the ‘Pacific North Wet’ was finally living up to its reputation.

I thought to myself, “I hope everyone brought good rain gear.”


June 30, 2017

First-hand Account from Madness Client on Mt. Baker

Summer is off to a sunny start here in the Northwest! Multiple trips have been heading out each weekend to explore the mountains and learn new skills. Read on to get a firsthand glimpse into Mountain Madness climber Sarah Lee’s Mt. Baker experience.