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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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June 6, 2012

Mother-Daughter Rock Training - Rain or Shine!

Despite the Weather forecast Karen and Keira Howe, a mother and daughter team from the eastside, picked me up at my house and we all drove over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth. Keira, a senior in high school, has been working most of the year on the mental aspects of climbing as her senior project (What a cool senior project!!!). 


August 11, 2010

Mt. Triumph Northeast Buttress and Liberty Bell Mountain Beckey Route

During the last week of July I dusted off my old guiding skills and headed for the hills! Now spending more of my time in the office it felt good to bust out one of the North Cascade's classic alpine rock climbs. Joining me was Gordon Smith, whom over the years I journeyed to the volcanoes of Ecuador, to climb a bunch of alpine climbs in the Cascades, and to Russia in 1990 to climb Mt. Elbrus and 23,000ft.+ Pik Lenin, a trip that coincidentally happened during the collapse of the Soviet Union. [+] READ MORE

July 28, 2010

Climbing Wall at Index Saved from Dynamite!!

Check out this video from Komo 4 News about climbers' efforts to save the Index climbing wall from becoming a quarry.

KOMO 4 Video


April 19, 2010

Rock climbing in Vantage, WA

By Mark Gunlogson

Last weekend we took the whole family and some friends rock climbing at Vantage, exploring the columns, looking for rattlesnakes, and yes, taking time to smell the flowers, which were the best I've seen there ever! Good times in the Washington desert!


April 7, 2010

Spring rock climbing in Leavenworth

By Mark Gunlogson

"How was it?" I asked my daughter Grace (9) after she finished her first pure crack climb. "Well, it was not so chunky," which I gathered to mean blocky and with a lot of holds for both feet and hands. But, she managed just fine on the otherwise featureless granite slab characteristic of Leavenworth's well-known Icicle Canyon. [+] READ MORE