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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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June 6, 2012

Mother-Daughter Rock Training - Rain or Shine!

Despite the Weather forecast Karen and Keira Howe, a mother and daughter team from the eastside, picked me up at my house and we all drove over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth. Keira, a senior in high school, has been working most of the year on the mental aspects of climbing as her senior project (What a cool senior project!!!). 


June 5, 2012

Inca Trail, Amazon and Galapagos - Customized Adventure Travel at its Best!

Travel to South America is quite a spectacular treat. Even moreso when you get to customize your trip to see all of the highlights in one go! This spring, three Mountain Madness trekkers got to enjoy a combination of various excursions throughout Peru and Ecuador. 


June 4, 2012

Sunny Silverstar for Intro to Mountaineering

At the crack of dawn Ted Turner and Doug Ismail woke up in Tacoma to make the short drive to Seattle's premier mountain shop, Second Ascent, to meet me for a gear check before their Introduction to Mountaineering course. [+] READ MORE