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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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April 12, 2017

Everest Base Camp Trek Update - "It's the Wild in Myself I Remember"

After some slow years in the mountains of Nepal, the business of trekking and climbing is back in force!

Packing supplies. Shayan Rohani photo

The trails are bustling with activity. Yak trains bring supplies for climbers dreaming of standing on top of the world. Loaded porters haul beer, Coca-Cola and TP for the teams of trekkers making their way through the world's greatest range. Helicopters fly more supplies and equipment up, and return with people whose bodies rejected the unforeseen stresses of traveling through this magical yet taxing environment.

EBC team arriving back at Lukla from the Khumbu. Shayan Rohani photo

As we walk out together, the first MM group of the season, I get a glimpse of what people gain from taking this challenge to walk to base camp.

It sounds easy: Wake-up tea every morning, yaks carrying your bags, kind Sherpas showing you the way, tea houses with hot showers to wash the dust off every day. 


Exploring the Khumbu Glacier. Shayan Rohani photo

Yet even with all that support, the challenge is real. This place remains untamed.  It's such a beautiful yet harsh landscape. Dry, rocky, dusty. Blazing sun, cold nights. 


Trekking back to Namche Bazaar. Shayan Rohani photo

We come from our world where condos are the norm. Comfy cars, cell service everywhere, clean hot water from the tap, heat that turns on with the flick of a switch. Here we are "pampered " by our wonderful Nepali staff, but it is still a formidable challenge. Twenty to forty thousand steps a day with little oxygen to feed our vital bodily systems. Thin air and close quarters. Under this stress we uncover a part of ourselves that hides beneath the comforts of home. The piece that emerges is different for everyone but the essence is the same. It's a bit of Wild that matches the landscape. That Wild is what the people of this place embody every day - that Wild is the norm here, not the exception. I find that after a couple weeks on the trail, it's the Wild in myself I remember.

~MM Guide Shayan Rohani


Wild success. Shayan Rohani photo