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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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April 11, 2016

"Like Returning to Earth from Another World"

Most recent update from MM Guide Shayan: We have left Everest Base Camp under clear skies and cold temperatures. We had a very comfortable night there huddling in our heated dining tent. The camp has many fewer tents this year, but it seems by the amount of traffic headed up the trail that won't last long. The ice doctors continue to work every day on the ice fall which, rumor has it, is much more complex than usual this year. Since many climbers haven't arrived yet, we were able to take an extended tour of the glacier which was quite beautiful. As we descend the colors are getting richer, the air is getting thicker, and our bellies are getting hungrier. It has been a wonderful visit but it's nice to retreat to where life is abundant. It's like returning to earth from another world.

Tents along the glacier's edge at Everest Base Camp. All photos Shayan Rohani
Our trekking team. 

On our way down we continue to see signs of the rebuilding process, and I am deeply humbled by the strength of the Sherpa people. We saw a train of men carrying hand hewn timbers weighing 200 pounds per load a three day walk up the valley . Something not to believe until seen with your own eyes. We are enjoying hot showers and thick air tonight, and will continue on toward Namche and beyond the next few days.

A member of the community carrying supplies for rebuilding.

~MM Guide Shayan Rohani