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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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January 13, 2016

Holiday adventure with family and friends on top of Africa- what a way to end the year!

MM Guide Ben Mality had great news to report on our recent Kilimanjaro expedition: all seven climbers reached the summit. Ben describes the diverse group as "friendly, happy, strong, and active" throughout the trip.

We all enjoyed the first day's hike to waterfalls, which included sightings of many interesting birds and we even saw blue monkeys in the forest. Our famous BBQ dinner at camp was followed with a birthday celebration for Trevor and a surprise birthday cake. 

Trevor showing off his toe shoes - which he wore all the way to the summit - with the group behind him. Ben Mality photo

Further up the mountain, the group encountered high winds strong enough to break a tent. There was some nervousness, but we made it through the night ok and were ready for the next day, when they traveled from Arrow to Crater Camp. It was a challenging day, but good to be at the crater and so close to the summit. Despite the wind at camp, four climbers chose to do the optional hike to the ash pit and explore the fascintaing features of the crater.

Heading to the high camp in the crater.

The next day started early and our summit day was very cold (-15 degrees centigrade), but the winds had calmed. The group woke at 4am to stars and a distinct chill in the air, but it was a good summit hike and we all reached the top at 6:15.

We all took in the incredible scene, the plains of Africa spread out below us  where the safari would soon take place for the group. It was a long hike down to the Mweka camp, but once there we topped off the day with a Christmas celebration including turkey and champagne!

Holiday feast in camp. Ben Mality photo

Three climbers stayed on for the safari extension, joined by two additional members of the family. As always, we enjoyed the luxuries of our private camps in the Serengeti and near the Ngorongoro Crater, where among all sorts of activities we had a chance to hang out with our Massaai frind Ole Dorpa and visit his community.

Enjoying a nice fire in our luxury camp after the summit trek.

The safari did not disappoint- many animals were seen and the group was excited to see rhinos, lions, more than 50 elephants (some with babies), leopards, and even mating zebras and ostriches. And to cap off an already amazing adventure the Broom family relaxed on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar after their visit to the Roof of Africa!

Enjoying the sunshine on safari. Ben Mality photo

Final glimpse of the mountain before heading home. 

Another successful Kilimanjaro trip on the books!