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January 27, 2015

If the Skiing is Bad, Go Ice Climbing

Marc Ripperger veteran ice climbing guide reporting in from Ouray, Colorado. Despite a slow start to the snow year in the Northwest and Rockies there is always good ice here in Ouray, Colorado. While the turns in the backcountry and on piste are less then ideal, it is a great time to break out the ice tools and swing them here in Ouray. 

Marc Ripperger photo

Jake Carman and I had a great several days here in Ouray. We enjoyed some of the high pressure I think everyone is experiencing. Lucky for the cold night here in Colorado the ice was in perfect condition. Jake and I ticked off many of the classics here in Ouray. We visited the famed Ouray Ice Park to get warmed up then took our refreshed skills up on Campbird road. The highlight of our trip being our ascent of the San Juan test piece Bird Brain Boulevard, with over 1,200 feet of physical ice and mixed climbing this climb is truly a big undertaking and proud accomplishment for any alpine climber. Congrats Jake!  

Marc Ripperger photo

Climbing is always the highlight here in Ouray but the addition of hot springs and good food is always an added bonus to the climbing. Not everybody will have their sights set on Bird Brain but there are plenty of backcountry ice climbs and ice park climbing action here for beginner to advanced climbers.

~ MM Guide Marc Ripperger

Marc Ripperger photo