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December 8, 2014

2015 Safari Awards Winner!

Mountain Madness is proud to announce that, together with our local Tanzanian partners, we have been honored by The Safari Awards with two wonderful recognitions.

Private safari camps. Mark Gunlogson photo

Mountain Madness is one of only three companies specially selected by National Parks to operate multi day walking Safaris inside the Serengeti National Park. This is a great credit to our amazing crew and inspirational walking guides making each and every walk unique and special and has led to these awards:


Back when the park was created in the 50’s almost a third of the area was set aside as ‘wilderness zones’ …these were a reserve within a reserve and had virtually no human presence for more than half a century.

Time to relax in the Serengeti. Mark Gunlogson photo

We now operate our walking safaris in this pristine wilderness, vast tracts of land to explore from kopjes to plains, from gorges to glades the area teems with wildlife big and small. One of the key things about walking with us in the Serengeti is the absolute solitude and exclusivity …. You effectively have a ‘private Serengeti’ experience and won’t see another soul for the duration of the walk.

Geocaching among lions. Mark Gunlogson photo

Good living on safari. Mark Gunlogson photo

But it wasn’t just our walking safari team that were honored … our seasonal camps at Ngorongoro, in Arusha National Park and in the Serengeti NP were also ‘Highly Commended’.

These luxury camps really are the perfect spot to relax – small enough to be intimate, placed in incredible locations and designed to be super comfortable AND they have mouthwatering food!

Don't sacrifice luxury in the remote wilderness. Mark Gunlogson photo

Relaxing in the remote wilderness. Mark Gunlogson photo

If you would like to have more information about our walks, Luxury Seasonal Camps or authentic cultural encounters with the Massai or the Hadza bushmen then please just let us know.

A walk on the wild side in the Serengeti. Mark Gunlogson photo