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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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May 14, 2014

Update From "Changing Lives Nepal"

As many of you know, Mountain Madness offers adventures to many developing countries throughout the world. As visitors of these far-off lands, we learned early on that the people of these countries are the true treasure and we have a responsibility to offer help when, and where, we can.


Deana Zabaldo/CLN photo

In Nepal, MM offers many climbs and treks in the astoundingly beautiful Himalayan mountains as well as elsewhere in the region. Our award-winning guide in Nepal is Deana Zabaldo and, for years now, she has made it her business to improve the lives of Nepali families. In 2008 she founded, and is deeply involved in, the non-profit, "Changing Lives Nepal".  MM and our clients have dontated money to Changing Lives Nepal with impressive results.  The latest message from Deana came in to the MM offices this week and reads:


Constructing a new home. Deana Zabaldo/CLN photo

"Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for the donation to Changing Lives Nepal last year! I'm happy to say that with help from you and your clients, we have recently granted $11,000 for construction of our new Children's Home (on land we permanently own), $9,000 to continue the organic almond project, $2,800 for Maya's education fund and we're testing out 2 solar cookers with Buddhist nuns in Tsum Valley.  

Solar cookers. Deana Zabaldo/CLN photo

We have 18 children in the Children's Home now, and we are hoping they can move into their new permanent home by the end of the year. I'm grateful for your support - we truly couldn't do it without you and the Mountain Madness clients!  I hope this finds you happy and enjoying the Seattle spring!



If travel to Nepal is something you've been thinking about, check out our climbs and treks to Asia and if you so choose, be a part of our giving back to Nepal.