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Checking in from the Condor's Nest on Illimani, Bolivia. MM Collection
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October 30, 2013

Beauty on Island Peak

Long-time Mountain Madness client, Tracey B. recently embarked on a wonderful adventure to Nepal's Island Peak, which is located below the immense south face of Lhotse. After group introductions and an orientation in Kathmandu, the group headed to Lukla, the trailhead for the Mt. Everest Base Camp trek.


Unbelievable Beauty. Tul Singh Gurung photo

After a couple of days of trekking through the lowlands the team arrived at Namche Bazaar, the largest outpost on the trek to Everest.  After two days in Namche, including an acclimatization hike to the Mt. Everest Hotel the team hit the trail again. On Day 6 they arrived in Dingboche and got comfortable for a couple days to assist once more in acclimitization. 

Nearing the Summit. Tul Singh Gurung photo

On Day 8, Tracey and MM Guide Tul Singh (Tulsi) Gurung separated from the group to begin their climb toward Island Peak. First stop on the way was the trek to the false summit of Chhukung Ri. This trek again helps with acclimitization and offers amazing views of the surrounding Himalaya. After lunch Tracey and Tulsi headed to Island Peak Base Camp at an elevation of 16,564 ft.  It took 3 hours to set up camp, eat and get ready for bed but when it was time to close their eyes, they were both ready.

Summit of Island Peak. Tul Singh Gurung photo

The next morning they arose to a cloudless blue sky. They spent most of the morning training and making their plans for summit day.  In the afternoon, they packed up camp and headed toward High Camp on Island Peak at 17,712ft.  Day 11 brought an early 3:00am wake-up call and the promise of a beautiful day.  By 7:30am they were standing on the Summit of Island Peak, nestled amongst the towering neighboring peaks.  It was a bluebird day with barely a cloud in the sky and the contrast of snow to sky was absolutley stunning. 

Tracey on the Summit . Tul Singh Gurung photo

They headed down a short while after and refueld with noodles and snacks at High Camp. They made good time heading down and within three days found themselves back in Kathmandu.  All in all, the trip only took 18 days and yet accomplished so much.